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Hankook Tire Co.Ltd на JOBGIS

00:06:44 - 21.11.2019
Hankook Tire Co.Ltd

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Since 1941, Hankook Tire has striven to upgrade customer satisfaction, using high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies to heighten value while expanding to more than 170 countries.
Our proactive and progressive driving force has enabled us to carry out robust management innovations, exhaustive R&D explorations, and aggressive marketing strategies to strengthen our standing as Korea’s best tire maker. We have also transformed from a manufacturing business to a more market-oriented and customer-friendly company that rises to meet all challenges.
Hankook Tire has become a global player in world tire markets such as China, America, and Europe, as our tires are preferred by such internationally known automobile manufacturers as Ford, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Renault, and Volkswagen.
We are pleased to bring added safety, comfort, and smooth driving pleasure to customers the world over, while enhancing marketing efficiency and brand loyalty.
Hankook Tire also aggressively anticipates and sets market trends, so as to offer greater satisfaction and a wider range of product options.
No matter what challenges lie ahead, Hankook Tire will continue its drive for the top.

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